Full Coverage: Completing the Square

GCSE question compilation which aims to cover all types of questions that might be seen on the topic of completing the square. Students can complete this set of questions interactively on the DFM Homework Platform. Also contains answers.


11th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

Shouldn't the answer to Q5 be (1/2, 1/12)?


23rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

Q7,Q12 should say "in the form a(x+b)^2 +c" Q13 Answer should be (x+5/2)^2+11/4


8th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

spent 5 hours on this today. addicted.

1st Mar 2018 Flag Comment

this is GREAT resource

p richardson

1st Mar 2018 Flag Comment

this is mind blowing

Dr J Frost

18th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Just fixed it.


4th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Q5 - Should the 'maximums' be 'minimums'?.

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