Mech 1 Chapter 8 - Introduction

Designed to accompany the Pearson Applied Mathematics Year 1/AS textbook.

K Sivalingam

27th Oct 2020 Flag Comment

thank you for sharing these slides x

Mrs B Rawling

23rd Jul 2020 Flag Comment

Great resource. Many thanks. Slide 8 bottom green box should be 4sin30 not 2sin 30 Slide 8 on the diagram with i and j are wrong way round

Mr M Loughbrough

19th Nov 2019 Flag Comment

Slide 10: Ex 8D should be in Book 1 Great slides though....

Mr M Loughbrough

19th Nov 2019 Flag Comment

Slide 8: box: ? and ? are unit vectors in the positive ? and ? directions. Your diagram has them transposed.

Mr M Lang

5th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

(SLIDE 9) Shouldn't the answer be 13.6 m rather than 13.6 km?

btec lvl 2

24th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

why is it -6sin60 i swear it is 6sin60 in the last slides

Mr N Abebe

21st Sep 2018 Flag Comment

Thanks a bunch for sharing these amazing resource. Its greatly appreciated.

Joyce Weetman

26th Apr 2018 Flag Comment

thank you so much for sharing these ppt.

Philip Georghiades

15th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 3, weight of mass of 4 kg should be 4g. Slide 3, Isn't the area under velocity time graph displacement?

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