Mech 1 Chapter 10 - Forces & Motion

Designed to accompany the Pearson Applied Mathematics Year 1/AS textbook.

J Maslowski

18th May 2022 Flag Comment

thank you so much this helped so much thank you so much

D Smith

30th Mar 2022 Flag Comment

thanks for the help

J Binu Jacob

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J Binu Jacob

27th Mar 2022 Flag Comment


Mrs L Davies

7th Feb 2021 Flag Comment

Excellent. Thanks

P Kelly

22nd Jan 2021 Flag Comment

Excellent resources, clear and concise. Many thanks.

Mrs O Basden

21st Apr 2020 Flag Comment

Many thanks for this.

Mr J Cornick

28th Feb 2020 Flag Comment

Hi DrF, slide 13, in the question 10q should be 10p Great stuff as always, thanks.

Miss K Ayres

11th Oct 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 6: The angle Beta is said to be 21.4 but we calculated 8.5 (which is obvs 30- our answer) but can you explain? Thanks

Mrs Mahoney

2nd May 2018 Flag Comment

Hi, We believe there is a mistake on slide 3. The resultant force is calculated as 35N but then in the diagram is shown as 5N.

Ms Punjabi

23rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

Very helpful! Thank you!


7th Apr 2018 Flag Comment

Aghhhh I've literally been praying for these Mechanics ones to appear! Thank you Dr Frost :))


15th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Awesome resources Sir! Thank you very much!

Mr T

7th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Excellent resource, thank you! The only problem I had was reading out loud "ai + bj" on Slide 6. At least it got a laugh...

Miss G

1st Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Thank you so much for all these amazing resources. They have made teaching A level for the first time so much easier than I anticipated!


28th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

made my day thank you

28th Feb 2018 Flag Comment

thank you appreciated

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