Mech 1 Chapter 11 - Variable Acceleration

Designed to accompany the Pearson Applied Mathematics Year 1/AS textbook.

Mrs S Wegg

31st May 2020 Flag Comment

I changed the equation of the dophin graph to v= - t^3-4t^2+11t+2 so it made more sense

Mrs S Wegg

31st May 2020 Flag Comment

Fantastic resources and just perfect to help students who are continuing A level study from home during this time.

Dr O Gray

19th Mar 2019 Flag Comment

Excellent resource, thank you. Only error is that the dolphin's velocity is initially decreasing and the answer given is a local min.

Mrs L Newton

24th Nov 2018 Flag Comment

Can't begin to describe how many hours you have saved me, thank you! Can you change the dolphin question though? It doesn't make sense!

Dr J Frost

5th Aug 2018 Flag Comment

I've fixed the Pudding error.


7th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

Pudding the cat question on variable acceleration should be -36t if (b) and (c) are correct. In which case (a) needs correcting. But thank you for brilliant slides. Just thought it was good to know.


22nd May 2018 Flag Comment

I found the slides very helpful, so upload more now.


23rd Apr 2018 Flag Comment

hello sir can you do a compilation of exam questions by topic

Zakir Rana VHS

25th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Hi Sir, Can you do year 2 mechanics as well please? Thank You


14th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Thanks for the hard work! I think there is a problem with Pudding the Cat (actual quadratic has no solutions; should be fixed by turning last term into '-36t'). Also the dolphin question (slide 9) doesn't quite work as the stationary point given as the answer is actually a local minimum; the max occurs at t = -2. Also the speeds are unrealistically high for a dolphin which I find funny, but my colleague is a marine biologist and she thinks you should change it. It led to a great chat with my class and plenty of laughter about the sorts of things which may have caused a dolphin or cat to move so swiftly and how the cat can only imagine ever being stationary and the dolphin may make a splashing sound as it comes out of the cannon... Cannot thank you enough for all you do; saves hours.

Fiona F

12th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Thank you soo much. Your reqources have really helped me this year.

11th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Thank you very much for all the resources!

Mr U

7th Mar 2018 Flag Comment

Another fantastic PPT to help with the teaching of the new A level. You are a real star!

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