Core Pure Yr1 Chapter 2 - Argand Diagrams

Designed to accompany the Pearson Core Pure Year 1 textbook for Further Maths.

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

Mrs E Barrett

19th Jun 2020 Flag Comment

slide 14, penultimate line, the square root of 2 needs dividing by 2.

A Farrukh

19th Oct 2018 Flag Comment


Dr J Frost

15th Sep 2018 Flag Comment

Fixed and reuploaded.


29th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 14, You haven't copied the correct argument - it should be 5pi/6 not 5pi/12 in the workings under the green box

Dr J Frost

16th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

Thank you Jane - that's been fixed and slides reuploaded.

Jane Crane

17th Apr 2018 Flag Comment

Hi there. On slide 20 I think you mean "what if Re(z) = 0?" Great slides. Thank you.

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