Full Coverage: Histograms

GCSE question compilation which aims to cover all types of questions that might be seen on the topic of histograms. Students can complete this set of questions interactively on the DFM Homework Platform. Also contains answers.


20th Jun 2022 Flag Comment


Mr C Denton

17th Feb 2022 Flag Comment

Think these are wrong? Q1 Vertical scale Q2 Horizontal scale

M Hodes

29th Dec 2021 Flag Comment

Q2 graph you supplied is wrong and not what was on the exam

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

Mr A Brogan

30th Jun 2021 Flag Comment

In Q1, frequency is proportional to area. As far as I know, this is now NOT on the GCSE specification?

T Murray-Smith

15th May 2019 Flag Comment

Histogram Video Please?

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