Laws of Indices (pre-GCSE)

(Used to the Tiffin Year 8 scheme of work) (a) Know laws of indices for multiplying, dividing, raising a power to a power. Understand negative and zero indices. (b) Be able to raise a whole term to a power, e.g. (3m^2)^4 = 81m^8. (c) Be able to raise a fraction to a power, e.g. (3/2)^-3 = 8/27.

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A Jilla

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: ยท D

J Tough

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very nice is good

Mr B Hanley

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Excellent A level resources = answers....invaluable

R Patel

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nice stuff


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Because 8 = 2^3 therefore 8^9 = 2^27

A Loganathan

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2^30 / 8^9 = 2^x Can someone help me with this question.

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You have just saved me. I have a Year 7 (11 year old) student who started discussing me why (-1)! (-1 factorial) is infinity and what he thinks 0^0 is worth. He was also fascinated with e^ipi+1=0 because it has so many numbers that are anomalies) I have just put this website on my favourites bar! Thank you so much. I look forward to trying them out.

Geeta Rautela

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Fantastic Resources


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Whilst these PowerPoints are very good, I do believe that they jump too fast for most pupils in comprehensive schools and a lot of scaffolding steps in between are missed


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Dear Dr Frost, please forgive my ignorance but I really love your resources, but how do I easily remove the green squares to reveal the answers? It doesn't seem to work when I press slide show on powerpoint - the only way I can do it is by clicking on the green box and then fiddling around to make it transparent? Many thanks


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good resources!

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