Further Statistics 1 Chapter 5 - Central Limit Theorem

Designed to accompany the Pearson Further Statistics textbook for Further Maths.

Mrs J Knight

8th Nov 2022 Flag Comment

Hi, Yes I agree - think slide 8 should be 0.0397


26th Apr 2022 Flag Comment

Can not open pdf

Ms K Brockway

22nd Nov 2021 Flag Comment

Slide 10 final line, should say ? ??19.166

Mr S Henshaw

23rd Apr 2020 Flag Comment

I agree...slide 8 should be 0.0397 (Think the textbook is wrong?)

Mr J Rudge

31st Jan 2020 Flag Comment

Should the answer on slide 8 not be 0.0397?

Mr V Van Pelt

15th Jan 2019 Flag Comment

slide 10 - shouldn't the reference in that final line by P(T...)? slide 11 - part a - E(X)=15 not 5 Thanks - VVP

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