Mech 2 Chapter 4 - Moments

Designed to accompany the Pearson Applied Mathematics Year 2/AS textbook.

M Hammond

9th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

I am a big fan of your work but... On Slide 14 you give an answer calculated from g as 1764N. Although correct, in the Edexcel exam this will be marked wrong. All answers from g MUST be rounded to 2sf or 3sf so the only accepted answers are 180g or 1800 or 1760. (I am an examiner).


18th Jun 2020 Flag Comment

make some videos on this subject please

Mr A Blackett

4th Dec 2019 Flag Comment

Slide 15 "Note: A rod has no mass, so there is no reaction force of the rod on the man, only reaction forces from the pivots." This isn't right. We ignore the reaction force of the rod on the man as we are only considering forces acting on the rod. If we were to consider the forces acting on the man we would draw and the reaction force of the rod on the man. I don't apologise for being picky, I bow to your exactness and attention to detail in all of your work. I and all my students are indebted to you for your great work. Basically I think you are great, but wrong in this instance!

R Hussain

27th Nov 2019 Flag Comment

very helpful!

C Yeo

6th Mar 2019 Flag Comment

Very useful powerpoint with good examples

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