Core Pure Yr2 - Chapter 3 - Methods in Calculus

Designed to accompany the Pearson Core Pure Year 2 textbook for Further Maths.

G Smithers

6th May 2022 Flag Comment

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Mr N Ball

10th Dec 2020 Flag Comment

I think the penultimate line in slide 18 should not have a 1/a at the front.

Dr J Frost

31st May 2020 Flag Comment

Reuploaded with fixes.

h mukundan

15th Feb 2020 Flag Comment

*this is in response to Miss P Jones comment, its unlikey to be of use to you but perhaps other students who read it can understand: that example wasnt totaling the area of the curve, it was just calculating the integral, which isnt the same thing, the integral can be used in the manner you described to find the area under the curve, but that isnt the only use of the integral, nor is it the actual method you use if u were to just find the integral

P Jones

30th Nov 2018 Flag Comment

Slide 8, part b), why is it not 1/2 +1/2 = 1? When we total the area under a curve, if part of the curve is below the x-axis we always ignored the sign. Why is this different here? I'm confused!

Andrew Rogers

21st Sep 2018 Flag Comment

Page 10 - integral at bottom of page - limits should be the other way round.


12th Aug 2018 Flag Comment

Check line 3 of the solution on slide 21 (should end up being minus 1/4)

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