Core Pure Yr2 - Chapter 8 - Modelling with Differential Equations

Designed to accompany the Pearson Core Pure Year 2 textbook for Further Maths.

Mr G McNamara

2nd Dec 2021 Flag Comment

Slide 12 Are the heavy dampening and critical dampening curves the wrong way round? Also, should the resulting solution for m = a +/- bi be e^at (ACosbt + Bsinbt) ?

Mrs J Merlini

23rd Apr 2021 Flag Comment

Slide 12: some of the exponentials have negative signs but should not

Mrs J Tedder

15th Jan 2021 Flag Comment

Slides 8 and 9 both have errors in writing the second differential with the squared shown on the numerator after the x. Slide 9 also has a 5 missing where it should say m=+/-5i.

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