GCSE Quadratic Sequences

Covers the new GCSE9-1 content on quadratic sequences. Includes an exploration at the end of why we halve the second difference to get the n2 term.

M Wells

4th May 2022 Flag Comment

well done on your work good grades :)

Mr R Hayes

23rd Sep 2021 Flag Comment

Error still present as above - should be 2n^2, not 4n^2

A Hassan

10th Dec 2020 Flag Comment


S Sawmynaden

14th Jun 2020 Flag Comment

Sir, on slide 9, sequence 3 has the answer beginning with 4n^2, I believe this should be 2n^2 as it is necessary to halve the second difference. It is not a major error, however, I thought I should inform you. Nevertheless, I find the inclusion of these slides extremely helpful as I can return to topics which I am confused about.

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