GCSE Percentages

Covers all aspects of the GCSE9-1 syllabus (but presuming a basic knowledge of what a percentage is), including (a) Find a percentage of a value or a value after a percentage change, using decimal multipliers. (b) Find what percentage one amount is of another. (c) Find a value before a percentage change. (d) Deal with compound changes.

D Student

21st Nov 2022 Flag Comment

msa but i have

R Verma

1st Nov 2022 Flag Comment

answer pls

Miss K Kendall-Morris

10th Oct 2022 Flag Comment

Last question on the last exercise is wrong. 100(0.05/366 +1)^183=102.53

K Crawford

16th Sep 2022 Flag Comment


E Tsang

25th Mar 2022 Flag Comment



28th Feb 2022 Flag Comment

where can i find the answers

A Day

14th Feb 2022 Flag Comment

Great slides, but a couple of things I spotted: Slide 4: 40% of 90 is 36 Slide 6: Surely Charlie spent 15% of £800=£120 on food.

A Chandra

28th Jul 2021 Flag Comment

Where do you find the answers? I've been looking for it and haven't been able to find it. Please help me out asap

Mrs E Spinks

13th Feb 2020 Flag Comment

Slide 39 Q7 - the solution is incorrect. Fixed Rate has been calculated as simple interest and it states it is compound interest. Conclusion is correct but the comparable figures that would support it are wrong.

W Ahmed

24th Oct 2019 Flag Comment

wait it the first on exercise 2

W Ahmed

24th Oct 2019 Flag Comment

on of the questin his wrong i think it is the first qustion on exercise 1

M Gamage

21st Sep 2019 Flag Comment

U find it near the papers

Mrs H Daniels

10th Sep 2019 Flag Comment

Hi where do I find the answers to the sheets? Many thanks

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