Further Mechanics 1 - Chapter 4 - Elastic Collisions in One Dimension

Designed to accompany the Pearson Further Mechanics 1 textbook for Further Maths. Produced by Mr A Ingall for DrFrostMaths.

Miss G Colaco

6th Jul 2020 Flag Comment

Thanks so much for such useful resources. I think also on slide 18 Q3 should be 164(1-e^2) rather than 64(1-e)^2

Mrs E Shepherd

4th Jun 2020 Flag Comment

Hello thank you so much for these really helpful slides. I can not begin to imagine how you do it all and especially right now it makes life manageable for me. Some corrections to this powerpoint I believe: Slide 9: <= not < 3 lines up from end of solution Slide 11: 0<=e<1/2 Final answer Slide 18: Q2, answer is 6J (for both particles) Slide 19 : last line 2.16J Liz

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