Expanding Multiple Brackets

(Used for Tiffin Year 8 scheme of work) (a) Multiply out (and simplify) a pair of linear expressions, by multiplying each term from one by each in the other. (b) Be able to square a linear expression, e.g. (2x + 3)^2. (c) Extension: Multiply out brackets each with more than two terms, e.g. (x + y + 1)(x + y). (d) Extension: Multiply out more than two brackets, e.g. (x + 1)^3.

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Great resource, the introduction is very clever. Thank you!

Phil Humphreys

14th Jul 2016 Flag Comment

A remarkable resource Dr Frost - love the progression... many thanks for sharing... This kept my year 8 top set engaged for 2 lessons. They spotted a couple of very minor errors in the answers - perhaps they're deliberate. Slide 11 Q2 - should be x cubed, not x3. Slide 12, Q3b - should be 6x cubed...

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