GCSE Term-to-term sequences & Arithmetic vs Geometric Progressions

Covers the obscurer parts of the GCSE syllabus on sequences: term-to-term sequences (including Fibonacci like sequences) and Arithmetic and Geometric progressions.

R Samuel

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Mrs K Graham

12th Jan 2021 Flag Comment

On your Poster on your preferred method of how to teach sequences you have the wrong first term(-1) in your explanation of the quadratic sequence (bottom line). It should say 2 Thanks for this. I have always taight zero term method for linear and incorporated that into quadratic but having read your notes, I am going to teach them your way today!

Dr J Frost

23rd Nov 2020 Flag Comment

I've reuploaded with a large number of fixes.

Mr I Gueye

16th Apr 2019 Flag Comment

Slide 14. Part a) Shouldn't it read 10% increase?

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