GCSE Computer Science: Defensive Design

For the OCR GCSE Computer Science syllabus.

I Rana

7th Dec 2021 Flag Comment


I Rana

7th Dec 2021 Flag Comment

ok then just click the green button

Mr J Kershaw

11th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

Slide 13 'Verifying an email' Last sentence, above the orange boxes, reads email... Should be email... Great slideshow, always good to use a live, concrete example. I like to do a demo where I grab the HTML source from a bank website, paste it into a blank file and upload it to my site with a BASE tag to p the original graphics (you can also grab t with curl). User enters name and password, you site it then redirect them to the real site's 'Password not matched' page. They re-enter and are none the wiser. Kids' homework is to give their parents an internet safety talk! PS This comment box is very small on a phone, makes editing/off l proofing tricky! Love your site.


23rd Aug 2020 Flag Comment

Very useful powerpoints. Would be very grateful if you could also create a database for computer science questions similar to the UKMT one as it says that there are computer science questions available on the website but i cannot find them.

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