Decision Maths 1 Chapter 2 - Graphs & Networks

Mr A Blackett

15th Jan 2021 Flag Comment

Thanks again, will update.

Mr W Watson

14th Jan 2021 Flag Comment

Small error on slide 18 - with n=1 and the given vertex orders, it will be 1,4,1,3,3, which is not possible with 10 edges. The final order should be (2^n -1) rather than (2^(n+1) -1)

Mr A Blackett

27th Oct 2020 Flag Comment

I've done 6 and am working on 8 now. The A2 content I'm going to hope to have done by September 2021 i'm afraid.

Mrs S Odysseas

22nd Oct 2020 Flag Comment

Thank you so much for these slides - am desperately hoping you will do chapters 5-8 too...

Mr A Blackett

7th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

Mrs Eastwood (or anyone else reading) if you have any resources for the A2 content of D1 (Floyd, Travelling Salesman, Simplex, Resource Histograms, Scheduling diagrams) then please send them to me, email address is on the ppts. It will give me a good start incorporating any existing resources into the slides for the A2 content.

Mrs J Eastwood

4th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

That’s amazing thank you. We teach A level D1 & D2 in full and have a large further maths cohort so this is a life saver

Mr A Blackett

4th Sep 2020 Flag Comment

Mrs J Eastwood - yes, i'm finishing chapter 3 today, and plan to get the rest of AS D1 done by the end of September 2020. If there is demand I will also do the A Level D1 stuff by July 2021.

Mrs J Eastwood

2nd Sep 2020 Flag Comment

These are great will we get any more??


23rd Jul 2020 Flag Comment

Thank you !

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