Decision Maths 1 Chapter 4 - Route Inspection

Mr S Lanwarne

20th Jul 2022 Flag Comment

Slide 18 - he formula for the number of pairings is incorrect. It should be n! / [2n/2 (n/2)!] Not an issue as not examinable but as it is factorial complexity, far more interesting than triangle numbers! Appreciate your work. The ppts have been very helpful!

Mr A Blackett

27th Oct 2020 Flag Comment

Chp 5 is A2 content, so i'm leaving that until later this year. Ch6 (AS) is up now though.

Mr A Blackett

20th Oct 2020 Flag Comment

I hope to have linear programming done by the end of the week and CPA soon after. The A2 content will be by September 2021.

Miss H Williams

6th Oct 2020 Flag Comment

Brilliant PPTs. Will there be a Chp 5 soon please?

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