All in One - Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes - Part 2

'All in One' worksheets provide a standalone exercise, solutions and a worked example, all on a single printable page.

C Njamen

13th Jul 2022 Flag Comment


S Irfan

6th Jun 2022 Flag Comment

J Macey

27th May 2022 Flag Comment

yes i am the j

K Farid

15th Nov 2021 Flag Comment

Question 2 is incorrect the shape doesn't workout

D Person

22nd Oct 2021 Flag Comment

O Morgan

18th Oct 2021 Flag Comment

me neither lol

O Morgan

18th Oct 2021 Flag Comment


A Bhana

17th Jul 2021 Flag Comment

When you click on DFM-AllnOne-PerimeterRectilinear2.pdf you will get a download and then you need to print it. ???


21st Apr 2021 Flag Comment

This is not working

L Simpson

21st Mar 2021 Flag Comment

I don't think this is working as I cannot access anything. The screen becomes blank.

P Aryal

11th Nov 2020 Flag Comment

I cannot do it or go on it either.

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