Decision Maths 1 Chapter 8 - Critical Path Analysis

Mr A Blackett

16th May 2022 Flag Comment

Thanks Mr R Sayers, now updated.

Mr R Sayers

22nd Nov 2021 Flag Comment

Thanks for this! On slide 32 there is an error with the resource histogram - activity E is dependent on both A and B and so shouldn't begin until day 8 (currently day 6).

Mr A Blackett

26th May 2021 Flag Comment

Thanks Mrs Elliott, and thanks for spotting the error on slide 27 D Forrer, I will upload the update shortly.

D Forrer

22nd Apr 2021 Flag Comment

Slide 27 question b) should be C instead of E

Mrs N Elliott

17th Apr 2021 Flag Comment

Thank you so much for all the slides you have produced. You have made my life so much better! Looking forward to seeing the Simplex method ones :-)

Mr A Blackett

13th Apr 2021 Flag Comment

D Roy - Simplex algorithm is on the to do list, I plan to get it done before September 2021. I've been building this content through the year and simplex is the last one I need to do.

D Roy

4th Apr 2021 Flag Comment

Hi, Thank you for all the content. But I think you may have accidentally missed Chapter 7 - The simplex algorithm. Thank you.

Mr A Blackett

19th Feb 2021 Flag Comment

Great spot Mr Hutchinson. I'll fix that on my next upload.

Mr S Hutchinson

4th Feb 2021 Flag Comment

In the last Gantt chart example where it says "on day 8" the red line drawn should be inbetween 7 and 8. Or the question changed to "on Day 9"

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