C3 (Old Syllabus) Chapter 8 - Differentiation

18th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

In this powerpoint it says that the differential identities for trig functions such as tan(x), cosec(x), sec(x) and cot(x) are NOT given in the formula booklet, but they in fact ARE PROVIDED. That being said, it is correct to say it is handy to learn them.

S Hasnath

18th Jun 2018 Flag Comment

Great resource, but the first example on slide 4 is incorrect, missing a power of 3 (chain rule)

Alex Chen

24th Nov 2017 Flag Comment

Proof on slide 6 isn't working


8th Jun 2017 Flag Comment

great work.

T Butani

19th Sep 2016 Flag Comment

When I click on "Click for proof" it doesn't seem to work - it simply goes on to next slide

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