S2 (Old Syllabus) Chapter 1 - Binomial Distribution


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I have resolved the error. The question says 'standard deviation of at least 4' and the inequality should therefore read np(1-p)<=16 --> 20(1-p)<=16 which leads to p<=0.2.


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Thanks for these excellent notes - I've been working through them in preparation for teaching S2 next year. A couple of minor things which i think are incorrect (but which you might correct me on!): - slide 11 part c should be 8C4 not 8C3? - slide 32 Q3 - I can't figure out what's wrong with this question! The first inequality should lead to p<=0.8 but in the context of the question that doesn't make sense, and would therefore lead to p=0.5 (2 options per question) and n=40 which gives s.d. of 10. Anyway, maybe I'm missing something more obvious but I just can't seem to resolve this.


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excellent website

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